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Chocolate Cake

Three layered chocolate cake,  Dark, White and Light Chocolate and whipped Topping

Swiss chocolate truffle Mousse

Two scoops of our homemade truffle Mousse

Coconut Cream Cake

served with fresh Coconut Flakes and Toasted almonds

Swiss Chocolate Soufflé

served with roasted Pumpkin Seed ice cream.
“Our Award Winning Recipe”

"Crepes Janette"

Filled with caramelized Bacardi Spice Banana's. Topped with Nutella Ice cream & toasted Almonds

Oreo Fritters "To Die For"  

served with Vanilla Ice Cream and Whipped Topping

Homemade Apple Strudel 

Made From scratch served with Honey Cinnamon ice cream


The Ultimate Dessert Lover Dessert
Don’t be afraid!
Surely, one of the best you ever eat!!!    

Special Coffees

MJ Coffee

Frangelico &Bailey’s

Aruban Dushi

Ponche Crema      

Irish coffee 

Jameson Whiskey       

Don Quixote

Liquor 43       

Good Fellas

Amaretto Di Saronno       

French coffee

Grand Marnier       

Sammy Hager

Kahlua & Cabo Wabo

Jack  Sparrow

Barcardi Oakheart     

All Special Coffee's are served with homemade whipped cream and topped with chocolate sauce

Our Suggestions

Espresso Martini

Double espresso Vodka Kahlua and a shot of espresso

Amaretto Crème Brule Martini

Vanilla vodka, Liqueur 43,  Amaretto & a splash of cream

Chocolate Martini   

Dark Chocolate vodka, White Crème de Cacao & a splash of Bailey's


Amaretto & Jack Daniels served with crushed ice

Key Lime Pie Martini  

Whipped Cream Vodka Pineapple Juice Lime Juice, Milk &Cream

A selection of our top shelf drinks      


Glenfiddich 12 years  
Macallan 12 years      
Laphroaig 10 years 
Johnnie Walker Gold 18 years
Johnnie Walker Platinum 18 yrs
Johnnie Walker Blue 21 years  


Courvoisier X.O.
Remy Martin X.O.
Hennessy X.O.  

PortWine & Sherry

Kopke Colheita 2001
Kopke L.B.V 2009  
Gonzales Bypass Pedro Ximénez     

Open from Monday - Saturday,
from 530 PM to 1000 PM
Sundays Closed

Cunucu Abou 37, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean

(297)   (+297) 5870184 or
(+297) 5874784

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